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Robert Collier’s life as a prolific author and pioneer in advertising has been synopsized into a few paragraphs since his death in 1950. Few know the true story of this man who inspired millions of people from all walks of life, from around the world. His works were translated into many languages furthering his reach to positively change lives.

Through the years, many assumptions have been made about who Robert Collier was. First of many is that Robert Collier was born to a wealthy life and that the mere relation to publishing magnate, Peter Fenelon Collier of Collier’s magazine would ensure a charmed life. To the contrary, from the time a young Robert lost his mother before he had yet reached his teen years, he was, for the most part, on his own.

He struggled, made his own way, served his country, and through the power of his own mind, and the love of his family, he achieved success. He was a living, breathing example of the very principles he wrote about.

Collier died in 1950. Collier’s wife, Marcheniel, their six children, and later grandchildren, have lovingly savored memories of life with a man they shared with the world. The newly formed foundation in Collier’s honor will perpetuate his teachings and principles through revitalization of his titles out of print, special additions of titles already in print, a traveling museum exhibit called, “Robert Collier’s Attic”, and a Biography that will include never-before-published autobiographical text, and first-hand accounts of life with Collier from family members and friends.

Robert Collier was a luminary for not only those of his time, but he continues to bring light and positive changes into the lives of people worldwide.

The foundation will provide educational programs, share Collier’s personal life through a traveling museum exhibit, partner with inspirational/motivational speakers, and more. We will devote a percentage of our efforts on benevolent projects.

We want to hear from you. If there is something you are interested in seeing us offer, let us know. Become a member. Become a supporter. Join those all over the world who credit Collier’s principles and teachings with positively changing their lives.

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