Robert Collier has been synopsized into just a few paragraphs since his death in 1950. For the first time in over six decades a book is being written to introduce the world to many more facets of Robert Collier's life that has never before been spoken of. Through his life when America was a fledgling in mechanization, industrialization, sociological views and general mindset, Robert Collier took what he was handed in life and discovered that he could positively change his life through positive thought.

Left to his own devices at age 11, defying his uncles decree to become a priest, surviving and thriving in the wild days of the West Virginia Coal mines, and building a life in search for the perfect woman he envisioned, serving our country, The Great Depression, success of Suffrage, and entrusting 4 of his six children to the American military for service during World War II, and so much more, Robert held tight to his goals planting them firmly in his mind and through it all, illustrating the power of thought.

The world will soon learn about Robert Collier's life through his eyes and words, and several family members who have offered first-hand accounts about life with Robert Collier. On April 5, 2014 a never before written biography will be released to the world so readers can understand the world behind the great writer and teacher of what we now call, Law of Attraction, or what Collier referred to as the "Life Principle". After suffering from a severe bout of ptomaine poisoning, Robert was exposed to Christian Science through his mother-in-law, Mrs. James Madison Bass, and after suffering from this for what seemed an eternity with no medical fix, the discipline of Christian Science cured him. 

This prompted a new passion to read works by great masters, Collier started down the path to teaching the principles to empower people through his writings, to use the power within or the power of thought.

Readers will be treated to the inside story, the secret of Robert Collier, if you will. Never-before-published autobiographical text written two years prior to his death. Also included in his story are first-hand family accounts of life with Robert Collier. By the time this book was written, five family members who have contributed have already passed on. It is a loving story compiled from accounts of a loving family who admired their parents and a family actively engaged with one another. 

The story of Robert will show that amidst some of the most tumultuous years this country has ever known, he remained committed to his goals, and regardless of very dire circumstances going on in the rest of the country, that back home the Colliers were thriving. It is the epitomy of walking the walk after talking the talk.

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